How to bypass Roblox filter?

Roblox allows you to interact with your friends online in a chat box. Here you can send messages to your friends and can engage in group chat sessions.Here we are going to show you how to bypass Roblox Bloxawards chat filter.

  • For this purpose you will need an injector
  • There are various paid injectors available on the internet like Synapse X but you can also download free ones from the internet
  • Now open your injector
  • Post your Roblox chat script in the injector and press the Execute icon
  • Your script will work in two different ways
  • You can either use the chat or E ( Word) or you can use the GUI which is an easy to use option
  • Once you are done with it, a chat window will appear on your screens right next to your avatar
  • You can easily tap your messages and comments in this window

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