How to change your Roblox username?

Your username or display name is your key identity in online interactive games like Roblox. It facilitates other players to find your account easily by just typing your username in the search bar. In this way other players can send game invites and messages to you by searching your username.

Here we are going to discuss on how you can change your Roblox username Bloxland. You can easily change the username of your Roblox account from the account settings. However it will cost your some Robux to change your username. In order to change the display name you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all log in to your Roblox account
  • Now click on the Account Settings which are represented by a gear icon which is present on the upper right corner of your Roblox webpage
  • After this click on the Account Info tab
  • From there select the Change Username option which is indicated by a pencil and paper like icon
  • Enter your new username and current Roblox account password correctly in the vacant box
  • Select the Buy button to finalize your settings

You can now sign in to your Roblox account with a new username however your password will remain the same.

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