How to Change Your Skin in Roblox

So today I have a guide for you that will help you edit your avatar in Roblox. You must know all about Roblox if you are here looking to edit your avatar.

Where can you edit your Avatar?

You can go to the webpage of Roblox and then you will tap Avatar that is located on the navigation menu to edit the features of your Avatar.

 How can you edit your Avatar?

If you want to add an item your avatar you should go to the Avatar Editor page, there you can access the pull down menus where you can select the category which that you want to edit such as your hat,hair and face etc.

There are quite some options available for every item and you can scroll down the list to get the item you like. When you have narrowed down the item you want just select the item and it will turn green.

Steps to changing Skin Color of your Avatar:

  • Go to the webpage of Roblox and then login to your account.
  • You can find the Avatar section on the left of the page when you find it simply go to that page.
  • After getting to that page Spot the button that says Body click that and it will open a pull down menu.
  • In that menu select Skin Tone option.
  • There you can change the skin tone of your avatar by clicking on the color you want.
  • If you think that there aren’t enough options then tap the Advanced option that is in the lower right corner of the web page.
  • There you can find a variety of option and you will find the desired color.

I hope you can find the color you want for your Avatar skin. Have fun Playing!

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