How to Create a Group in Roblox

Anyone can create a group on the Roblox platform. Groups are made by the players so they can have their own little community within the Roblox game. Groups are used in battles with other groups in Roblox. You can make a group and then have loads of fun activities with your group members.

Requirement for creating a Group:

There isn’t much constrictions when it comes to creating a group you just have a limit for 100 players in one group which in my opinion are quite enough as you will be able to add all of your friends or even add the new friends you made in Roblox. You can create 100 groups and there is a one-time payment of 100 Robux when you are creating a group.

Steps for Creating a Group:

  • First just login to your account.
  • Click the Groups option that is located on the left of the navigation panel of the main page.
  • Simply click the Create button.
  • Then fill out the information such as the name, description and Emblem sections.
  • After filling out the information choose the accessibility of group entry and the best option is to select the Manual Approval so you have all the control of the group.
  • Once you have filled out all the information and you have made the necessary decisions simply click on the Purchase button ( ) and this will finalize the creation of the group.

Free Tip:

Be careful when you finalize the name of your group as there isn’t an option to edit the name of the group so whatever you finalize is going to be the name of the group for as long as they don’t add the option of editing the name and we don’t know how long is that going to take so just be sure of the group’s name.

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