How to Delete Roblox Account

Today I will tell you everything there is to know about this game Roblox and then I will get into the topic of our discussion today that is deleting your Roblox account. So let’s get started.

What Is Roblox?

Roblox is a fairly new platform and has gained a lot of popularity among youngsters these days and what makes this platform so interesting is that it gives you more productivity and creativity. You can make buildings in this virtual world and create whatever you might like.

Why is Robox so Famous?

Now you might think to yourself that why is this game so famous and after doing my research I have found out that the reason behind its popularity is how much freedom it gives to its players. Players can do pretty much anything in this game which makes it full of opportunity.

Players can make their own game in this amazing website and then make their game so interesting that people will even pay Entrance fee just to play their games. Players can make their own custom gear for their games and sell that too. This is quite a motivation because if you are good at something why not make some extra Robux out of it.


You can even make clothes for your avatar on this game such as t-shirt, shirt and pants you can customize your Avatar any way you might like. You can even sell your clothes on Roblox but that will require a membership but creating clothes won’t cost you anything and you can create as many clothing item as you may like.

Playing With Your Friends:

As this is a virtual world so you will want your friends to be in this virtual world with you and they can be and you can form your own group with your friends and then play against other groups.

You can have in-game chats with your friend and it will feel like you all are sitting together and playing the game. It creates a sense of community and this is why it makes the game so much fun.

There is also a new feature in Roblox that is called the Party feature and what this does is that you can add your friends into a group and as you will have created the party you will be the leader of the party and what you can do is that you can make your friends enter a place at the same time just by clicking a button and then you all can play together.

Creating Models:

If you like building stuff then Roblox has an amazing feature for you and that is Creating models. You can even create your own avatar and then make changes as much as you might like. You can even design tress buildings and pretty much everything and make your own little customized place. If you like an avatar that you see during a game and you want to make it your own you can do that as well and you just have to copy the id of that user and make that avatar yours.


If you want to delete your account because you have a membership and you don’t know how to cancel it then I might be able to help you out and you won’t feel the need of deleting your account. Simply follow the steps given below and you will be able to cancel your Roblox membership.

  • Login to your Roblox account.
  • Go to the settings option by clicking on the gear icon that is placed on the upper right corner of your window.
  • After opening the Settings go to the Billing option,
  • There you can see a Cancel button follow the prompts after clicking the cancel button and your subscription will be canceled.

Now if you still want to delete your Roblox account then stay tuned!

Steps to deleting your Roblox Account:

  • Now the simplest way is to just simply not use your account and you won’t have to go through the steps of deleting your account and this is a better option because if you change your in the future you won’t regret deleting your account as it will be still there.
  • But if you just want to get rid of the account then you will have to delete it the first option is to write a detailed email to this email: .You will need to write a proper email and it should have all the details relating to you deleting to your account as the moderators will decide from that email if your account will get deleted or not. So tell them how it is important to you to delete your account and request it politely. At the end of your email provide the email from which you have registered for Roblox, write your phone number and address that you used to verify your roblox account.
  • Another way of deleting your account is to contact the Roblox customer service by calling them on this number: 888-858-BLOX. Keep all the information of your account at hand so you can provide it when they ask you for it. You will need your email address that you registered your Roblox Account with, also the phone number and address you used at the time of verification of your account. The customer representative will ask you about all these information and also the reason behind you deleting your account.
  • There is another option that is ignoring your account as I mentioned earlier, you can let your account be and after a year it will automatically be deleted by Roblox as they remove all inactive accounts every year. Everything will be deleted after your account has been inactive for a year.


So I hope I have answered all your queries and in my opinion you should choose the ignoring option because most of us make impulsive decision and then regret it later. As your account will get deleted if it isn’t active for a year and then if you decide that you made a hasty decision you will be grateful that you didn’t delete your account. But the decision is yours you can choose other options as well.

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