How to Get Roblox Premium

Today I will be talking about a platform that has been working hard for a past decade and their hard work has paid off as they have over 56 million users and everyone can’t stop raving about this game.

The reason behind the success of this platform is the freedom it gives its users. It encourages players to build their own games and put their creativity in good use. I haven’t come across a platform like this one and I’m quite sure that I won’t be for a while. The success behind this game is the updates and always looking out for ways to make it better.

Upgrades in Roblox Membership:

  • Whenever you renew your membership or you buy it for the first time your account will be deposited with the month’s Robux instantly and you won’t have to wait around day by day like you used to in Builders Club.
  • You will get a bump of 10% more Robux whenever you choose to purchase any Robux packages.
  • Your profits will increase on your items and even when you sell your game pass for your game and you can even exchange Robux for real money and use the Developer Exchange system provided by Roblox.
  • You will get the advantage of trading as many items as you might like with anyone on Roblox.
  • You will get a Premium icon with your username that will make you stand out in all the games.
  • They are also working on more upgrades for all of the Premium membership users.

Steps to getting Premium membership:

  • Login to your Roblox account.
  • Go to the Account settings.
  • Go to billing and buy your memebership by adding the required information.
  • There will be three options to choose from 4.99$, 9.99$ and last 19.99$.
  • You can choose the membership that you can afford and pay it with your credit card.

Earning on Roblox:

You can earn in this game and get paid for your creatibity. There are a couple of ways of earning in Roblox. You can create your own free games and then if it is good enough you can even get game passes for your games.

Creating Your Game:

You can easily make your own game in Roblox by going to the Roblox Studio and choose whatever you might like to your games. You will have defaults templates on Roblox and it has loads of options which will help you if you are new at it and won’t have much difficulty.

After you have compiled a game that you think that people will pay for then you can go on an add a game pass which will help you earn Robux and you can use them anyway you might like.

Selling Clothes:

You can even make your own clothes in Roblox that includes t-shirts, shirt and pants. If you like designing clothes you will love designing clothes for your avatar and if you get the membership on Roblox you can even sell the clothes on Roblox and earn as many Robux as you might like.

Roblox Membership:

Let’s now come to the star of our show and that is the membership of Roblox. If you have been using Roblox for a while and you have gone through all of it and now you want to get access to the features that are offered only in the membership of Roblox you have come to the right place because I’m here to tell you all about it.

Premium membership is premium for a reason as it provides the users with the ultimate experience and when you get the membership you won’t ever want to unsubscribe the membership. It gives you the freedom to do whatever you want sell your clothes, make a group with your friend and a whole lot more.

There are loads of features that Roblox offers for free such as making a game, building anything and making clothes for your avatar. But there are some features that it has reserved for their loyal users who support them by getting this membership.

Robux Stipend:

Everyone is a user of Roblox knows that Robux is the in game currency and you will need it if you want to buy anything in Robux and you can’t earn Robux you can only purchase it. You can also get game cards that are available on amazon that offer you Robux Cards for some bucks.

The only way you can get free Robux is if you have a Roblox membership. Every user you has the premium membership of Roblox gets a monthly Robux stipend that they can use as they please which is quite awesome if you ask me.

Builders Club:

Before launching the Premium membership Roblox had the Builders Club which was another name for the Roblox membership club. So before whenever you bought the Roblox membership you would be part of the Builders Club. But as this created some confusion among the players that’s why Roblox changed it to Premium membership and they also added some upgrades to the membership.

Questions about the Premium Membership:

You might have some questions about the Premium membership that’s why I have added this portion to answer those questions.

Q) Can I get back into Builders Club?

Ans) No you can’t get into Builders Club as it has been discontinued and it has been turned into the Premium Membership.

Q) How can I change the level of my Premium membership?

Ans) There isn’t a way of switching between the levels of membership the way you can achieve that is by canceling your subscription and then when you renew it you can choose the level you want.

Q) Can I change my credit card for my membership?

Ans) There isn’t an option of updating your credit card but you can cancel your membership and then renew it by your new credit card. You can also change your credit card details whenever your membership is expired.

So we have come to the end of the article. Have fun playing Roblox!

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