How to get the Roblox egg?

Roblox egg is a very exciting feature of Roblox gameplay rbxnow. Roblox has a total of 49 eggs that have been hidden at specific locations in your game map. You are required to find these eggs and in return, Roblox offers you different prizes. Once you find an egg, you can open it to unlock a hat for your avatar. This hat is automatically added to your inventory.

The egg hunt adds more fun to the Roblox gameplay. You can find eggs at different locations. There are also limited edition eggs that are hard to find and contain unique hats and other surprises.  There are also eggs which you can get by completing in-game missions or killing zombies in Roblox. Every Roblox game has its own eggs that are hidden in certain areas in the map. Your goal is to locate these eggs and win prizes.

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