How to Give Robux in a Group

Today we will be discussing how you can spend Robux when you a member of a group. Roblox allows you to make a group with different players.

The admin of the group can transfer Robux to any of the members of the group. You can either transfer Robux for one time or you can also set a date and the transfer will be made automatically each month.

Steps of Giving Robux in a Group:

  • If you want to set up a onetime payment then go to the Group Admin page.
  • You will see an option of Payouts on the left side of the page.
  • Then choose the Distribute option.
  • Just type the name of the member you want to send the Robux to.
  • You can search the name easily by clicking on Search Members.
  • There is a distributing line which is used to select the amount of Robux that you want to deliver.
  • There is also a drop down box where you can select an exact amount or if you want to give a percentage of the total Robux balance of your group.
  • You can see a box on the right side of each member and there you can type the amount of the percentage from the total Robux amount.
  • Then click the Pay button and the amount will be transferred to the member’s account.

Steps to setting a recurring payments:

  • Go to the Group Admin page.
  • Then on the left column of the page go to the Payouts.
  • Select the Configure option.
  • Then type the name of the member.
  • Click the picture of the member that you want the recurring amount set up for.
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Then just Click Update and you are done the payment will be transferred each month automatically.

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