How to hack Roblox jailbreak?

In this article we are going to show you how to hack Roblox jailbreak. For this purpose you will first have to understand about your Roblox game and mark the place from where you can exploit Roblox. Speed hacking is the best option when it comes to hacking jailbreak Roblox games Claimrbx.

You also have to make sure that the device which you are using to make the hack supports anti-virus software. This is because the hack files are sometimes corrupted with viruses which can damage your computers. Therefore make sure that your computer is protected before downloading any file for hacking Roblox.

There are usually two bit versions available in computers. One is the 32 bit version while other is the 64 bit version. Make sure you check your bit version so that you can apply the speed hack according to it.

Once you have successfully obeyed all the above safety measures, you can perform speed hacking. For this purpose follow these steps:

  • Go to the speed hack`s web page and from there click on the red Download button. It will download your speed hack file in a Zip folder
  • Once the folder is downloaded, open the extracted version of your folder by unzipping the file
  • Now double click the unzipped folder to open it
  • Click on the Extract menu which is present at the top of your screen
  • From the tool bar select the Extract all option
  • Now click Extract button to proceed
  • Once your speed hack file is extracted, click on the Check Cash V3 folder
  • On the top of Check Cash V3 folder, you will find Roblox NOPED folder. Click on it to proceed
  • Once you have completed all the above steps, go to the Roblox homepage
  • Now open the Jailbreak page in Roblox and press the Green play button. This will open the Jailbreak version of Roblox in your Roblox Player
  • Once the jailbreak server is opened, click on the Minimize button present in the upper right corner of Roblox window. This will minimize Roblox
  • Now open the CCv3 program on your computers. Click Yes when prompted and then press OK for the version notes
  • Now look for a current speed hack code for Roblox on the internet and type that code in the text box displayed on the right side of the Hex check box
  • Now click on the First Scan option present at the top of your window
  • Once you have located the codes, select the Found codes option. Press Ctrl+A to select all the codes
  • Once you have selected all the codes, press the red arrow icon which is located at the bottom right corner of the pane containing your codes. This will Copy your codes and they will appear in the bottom section of your window
  • Now click any code in the bottom window and press Ctrl+A to select it
  • After selecting the codes press Enter. A text box will appear on your screen. Type the Hex code in this vacant text box and press OK to proceed

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