How to make a car in Roblox?

Roblox Studio provides you with a complete creative platform where you can build and edit almost anything from Roblox rbxadder. In this article, we are going to highlight some easy steps that will allow you to make your own moving vehicle in Roblox!

  • Open the Roblox Studio
  • Now start off by making the body for your car. For this purpose select the Brick and make a block. Your block should be about 8 studs wide and 10 studs long so that it can hold together the overall body of your vehicle
  • Now color your block. You can select any color you want
  • After that add the wheels to your block. For this purpose, go to the Add icon and from there select a cylinder. Now click on the Properties tab and from there select Surface. Add a Hinge to the left side of your block. Now copy-paste it three times to add it to the remaining sides
  • Now attach the wheels to the block. Make sure that all the wheels are even with the body of your car as the car will not drive if the wheels are uneven
  • After attaching the wheels, it is time to add the vehicle seat. For this purpose click on Add Object option and from there select Vehicle Seat. Now move the cursor to place the vehicle seat on the body of your car
  • Once you have followed all the above steps you can now group all parts of your car together so that it works. You can also customize your car and can make it fancier by adding different colors and logos!

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