How to make a game on Roblox?

Roblox not only allows you to build building inside the game but also enables you to create your own Roblox game. This is a very cool feature and you can easily access Roblox Studio to create your own game. You can also add different props and items to your game. You can add hills, valleys, terrains, weapons etc.

Here we are going to enlist some easy steps that will allow you to make your own game on Roblox.

Step 1

Open the Roblox studio

Step 2

Click on the log in option. Enter the username and password and log in to your roblox account

Step 3

Click on the “new ” option that is present on the top-left side of the Roblox studio menu

Step 4

On the top of the window you will find a “gameplay” tab. Click on this option and it will open a dialogue box displaying a list of various pre-set Roblox game types. These game types are easy to access and allow you to edit them according to your needs. You can also create your own game type. This is however a bit tricky as it requires a vast knowledge of coding. Therefore these pre-set templates are a good option

Step 5

There will be seven different gameplay pre-sets displayed on your screen. Select the gameplay pre-set you want. After this, your template will begin to open in Roblox studio. The gameplay will take some time to load. Once it is loaded, you can customize the gameplay by selecting different options available in Roblox studio.

Step 6

Make sure you are using the tools correctly. You can adjust the camera angles by right clicking or dragging the map. You can utilize the left mouse to make changes to your maps

Once all these steps are completed, you have your basic game on your Roblox studio. Now you can customize the game in the following ways:

Changing the ground appearance

You can change the appearance of the ground for your game. This can be achieved by clicking on the “paint” tool in the editor`s terrain. From there you can scroll down to the material section that will provide you with different texture options for your ground. You can click and drag the mouse to the part of the ground where you want to add the texture.

Brush settings

Brush settings allow you to change the sizes and strength of your brushes. You can select between circular or square brushes. The brushes allow you to draw patterns in your game and to also customise your ground.

Adding hills and valleys

You can also customise your game by adding various landscapes. For adding a hill, you have to click on the Add option and from there select the hill and also choose the texture you want for it. Drag the hill to the area where you want it in your game.

For valley, click on the Erode option and hold the area where you want to create a hole. You can also drag the mouse to extend the size of your hole and can also select textures for it.

Adjusting the size of your hill

Once you have created a hill for your game, you can also adjust its size and can enlarge it. For this purpose click on the Grow option and drag the cursor on the hill you want to enlarge. Repeat it until your hill gets to your desired size.

Smoothing the terrains

Roblox studio also provides you option of smoothing the rough edges of your terrain. This adds more realism to your gameplay and also prevents the players from sticking in the corner. There is a Smooth option available. Click on it and then select the area you want to smooth.

Adding objects

Apart from hills, valleys and terrains, you can also add other objects such as trees, weapons, buildings and plants to your game. For this purpose type the name of the object you want in the search bar present at the top of tool box. Select the object and drag it to the area on the map where you want in placed. You can also reposition them.

Testing your game

Once you have completed your editing, you can test your game to see whether your game actually works or not. This also allows you to see your created map from ground level as a protagonist. You can fix any issues before publishing your game. In order to test your game, click on the TEST option in the Roblox studio window. The game will take some time to load. After that you will have your Roblox avatar in front of you. You can adjust the cameras if you want. Try running a feasible route on your map to see whether your game is working. If you have discovered any errors you can always fix them before publishing your game.

After testing, click on the red stop icon. This will stop the testing and you will return back to the Roblox studio screen.

Publish your game

Once you have run the test successfully and you are satisfied with all the changes in your game, you can save it before uploading it to the Roblox Claimrbx website. Select the Save option from the menu, enter the name for your file and save it. Now select the Publish to Roblox option in the file menu. This will publish your created game to the roblox website. You can also add description for your game to show that how your game works. Also select a genre for your created game. After that click on the upload option. This will upload your game to the Roblux website. S

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