How to make a game pass on Roblox?

Roblox also allows you to create colourful game pass that attracts other players in buying your game. You can sell your game pass to other players and can earn money from it. Here we are going to show you some steps that will help you in creating a game pass for Roblox Claimrbx.

  1. Click the game on which you want to create the game pass
  2. After clicking, select the Store option
  3. There you will have a Game passes From there select the Add Pass option
  4. Now click on the Choose File tab, this allows you to decide the format and look of your pass
  5. Click the File tab and select Open
  6. Here you will be provided with a box labeled as Description. Click on this box and add specific details about your pass that allows other player to understand what you are offering. You can also name your pass if you want.
  7. Now click the Preview option to take an overlook of your pass before finalizing
  8. From there click Verify Upload which is displayed at the bottom right corner of your page
  9. Take a look at your pass and select the Configure option
  10. Now you can sell your pass. Click on the Sell option which is present Configure right next to the tab. You can now add a price for your game pass. You can sell it for as much you want
  11. Now return back to the game to check your pass.

Congratulations you have successfully made your Roblox game pass!

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