How to Make a Gamepass on Roblox

Today I will be educating you guys with some fun information about the game Roblox. Roblox is a fun game and it provides the players with new and innovative ideas. It is full of opportunity but for only those people who are looking for an opportunity.

If you don’t have much interest in the virtual games then you might not find it much fun but I think you should give this game a try and I bet you will start loving it and will find all those opportunities worth your time.

This article is about one of those opportunities that the Roblox platform provides its players and that is Game Pass. You can make your own games in Roblox and you can add whatever you might like including different gears, models etc. If you think you have it in you then go right ahead and make start making your own game.

Game passes serve a special purpose in Roblox, you can assign roblox you bunch of things such as some restricted area in your game, power boost for your avatar or an item for your avatar. You can even assign an entrance fee to your game and players will have to pay to start playing your game.

Steps to Creating Game Pass:

  • To add a game pass to your game head over to the Create Page on roblox.
  • Then go to My Creations option after that go to Games options and find the game that you want the game pass for.
  • On the right side of the game go to settings option of that game and select the Create Game Pass option.
  • You will need an icon for your game pass that is going to be visible to the players. Just get any image from Google and use it as you icon.
  • To upload your icon click on Choose File option then choose the file and give it your name and description.
  • Describe what your game pass does and what the player is going to get after they buy it.
  • After filling the information click on the Verify Upload.
  • If you want to change the price of your game pass go to the configure option of your game.
  • Go to the Game pass and select configure.
  • Turn on the button that is next to Item For Sale.
  • A text box will appear underneath that and in that text box enter the Robux that you want to sell the Game Pass for and click Save.

By following all these steps you will be able to get the game pass you were looking for. You can change any kind of details for that Game pass by clicking the configure button of the game pass. Have Fun!

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