How to make a gun in Roblox?

Roblox is one of the first online game which actually features a creative platform called Roblox Studio which allows you to create different in-game props in order to make your gameplay rblxland more exciting and fun. Today we are going to show you how to make a working gun on Roblox. For this purpose you have to follow these steps

  1. First of all open the Roblox Studio. As Roblox studio provides you with a creative platform for Roblox where you can create gaming props, badges, avatars, attires etc
  2. Now open a new Place in Roblox studio. This can be done by pressing the Ctr+N shortcut key from your keyboards or you can go to the File menu and from there select New icon
  3. After opening a new Place you have you have to start by making a Model for your gun. Make sure that your model is large and easily visible
  4. Once you have created your model, now it is time to name it. Name one part Handle which will be in contact with your avatar’s hand and name the other part Barrel. Your barrel will be the area which fires the bullets
  5. Once you are done naming both parts of your gun, you can now open the Tool For this purpose go to the top left menu of your screen. Select Insert icon and from there click on Object. Now select Tool icon. Tool is one of the key elements in making your gun and it will ensure that your gun is usable in Roblox
  6. After accessing the tools, insert a Script. For this purpose go to the Free Models section and from there select Minimap Script. This script will make your weapons more better looking. It will help customizing your weapon and adding different features to your gun
  7. Now add a Script. Remember that the script works only when a message pops up on your screen. Once you have inserted the script, your gun model will shrink in size
  8. Locate the Minimap Model which you created in the previous step. It will be present in your Baseplate or at the Roblox Workplace
  9. Once you have found your Minimap Model, open the Minimap Script and change the Scale of your gun. It is located in the first line of the script. It is recommended to use the /20 scale however you can adjust it according to your choice
  10. After adjusting your Scale, exit from the Scrip menu and Copy your script.
  11. Now Delete the script and then Paste it again. A message window will pop at the top of your screens
  12. Now open your Minimap Model again
  13. Delete any unnecessary words from your gun’s name
  14. Now Exit from the Minimap Model
  15. Place your Minimap Model into the Tool menu and Ungroup it
  16. Insert your gun model to the Workplace area and Open it. Now copy all the Scripts of your gun model and Paste them to the Tool menu where your Minimap Model is present
  17. Now Test your gun model
  18. Once your gun is tested, you can Equip For this purpose go to the Players menu and from there select Backpack and click on gun to equip it

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