How to make a model in Roblox?

Roblox is a very creative online game that provides player complete authority to build their own world. You can construct different landscapes, make buildings and can add gaming props to make your gameplay more fun.

Model is the most important part when it comes to creating anything in Roblox. Without a model, you cannot build anything in your Roblox world. Therefore it is necessary to have the correct knowledge of model in order to excel in the Roblox world. Models can also be used to earn money from Roblox rblxland. You can create your models from the Roblox Studios and can display them online on the Roblox store for sale. Other players can buy your models and in this way you can earn money and Robux.

Creating a model is not that difficult. There are some easy steps to follow that ensure good built quality for your Roblox buildings. Here we are going to show you the fast and easy ways of making models in Roblox. Follow these steps to make your model:

  • First of all log in to your Roblox account
  • Go to the Develop icon and from there click Edit
  • Now press the F6 key from your keyboard. You will have a test mode on your screen. There is also a Test icon on the top of your screens.
  • After that click on Play icon
  • Now go to the Explorer. Click on the Workspace bar and find your username under it
  • Right click on your username. Now click on the Select Children It will select everything under your username
  • Right click on anything that you have selected and then click on the Group icon
  • You can now name your model. For this purpose right click on Model icon and name it whatever you desire
  • Now again right click on your model. From the drop down menu select Save to Roblox You will get a window and from there click on the Create New option
  • After you have selected the Create New icon, name your model and also write a brief description for it. When you are finished, click on Finish button to proceed
  • Now exit from the Roblox studio. Go back to the Develop menu and from there go to Models.
  • You will be brought to a new page. Find your model on this page. Then click on the first grey arrow on the list
  • Now configure your model. You cannot make money from models as they are free. So make your model free so that other players can also use it
  • Your model is finalized. Add it to a set and start playing

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