How to make an obby on Roblox?

In Roblox terminology, obby is the short form for an obstacle course that allows your avatar to move from one place to another by avoiding different obstacles in its way. Roblox Studio offers you the chance to create your own obstacle course which you can complete to earn rewards.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to create your own obby on Roblox rblxland. For this purpose, you can use the pre-built templates present in the Roblox studios and can edit them to make your own obstacle course. You can create your own obby from existing templates by following these easy steps:

Open the Obby template

  • Open the Roblox studio in your web browser
  • Click on the New icon which is present in the upper left corner of your Roblox Studio homepage

Test your obby

Now press the Play button which is present in your home tab. This will enable you to test your obby

You can use the following controls for your obby:

  • W A S D for moving your character around the map
  • Spacebar to make your character jump
  • Right Mouse Button to look around

Stop testing

Once you have completed testing your obby template, you can press the Stop button

Design your obby

After completing the above steps you will get the basic knowledge of what exactly an obby is. Now you can focus on creating your own obby. For this purpose:

  1. Click on the X icon present in the Obby You will exit out of the template menu
  2. Now click on the Baseplate template to start a new obby project file

Delete the baseplate for your obby

In order to start a new build for your obby, you will need an empty world. So for this purpose start off by clearing the baseplate object. This can be done by:

  1. Click on the Explorer It will display all the objects from your game. You can use this explorer tab to select and use parts even if they are not visible in the Roblox editor window
  2. Now click on the small arrow which is present next to the Workspace It will display a drop-down menu on your screen
  3. Now select the Baseplate icon from this menu
  4. Press the Delete key from your keyboards to remove the baseplate

Create a spawn location

The next step is to select a spawn location for your obby. In Roblox, spawn location is the point where your player will appear when the game starts or after restarting. If you do not have a spawn location, your player might spawn in different areas every time which can be very disturbing.

In order to create a new spawn location you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Workspace tab from the Explorer window
  2. Now click on the Circle button that has a plus sign in the middle
  3. It will display a drop-down menu. Keep scrolling down this menu and once you find the Spawn Location tab, click on it to proceed
  4. A new starting point will be created right in the center of your camera view

Adjust your camera

Once you have added objects to your game, you can move the camera around in order to create a better view. You can move the camera by using the following controls:

  • Press W to move the camera forward
  • Press S to move the camera backward
  • Press A to move the camera towards the right side
  • Press D to move the camera towards the left side
  • Press Q and E to move the camera upwards and downwards
  • You can adjust the camera speed by pressing the Shift key
  • You can turn the camera on by clicking the Right Mouse Button
  • Press the Middle Mouse Button to pan the camera
  • In order to focus the camera on a selected part in your obby, press the F key

How to add and move parts in an obby

Parts are the fundamental building blocks of your obby and you can use them to build a series of obstacles. In order to Add apart:

  • Select the Model tab from Roblox Studio
  • Click on the Part icon and it will display a new part right in the center of your camera angle

You can also move these parts to wherever you want on the map. For this purpose:

  • Click on the part in the Game Editor Window to select it
  • Now use your camera controls to have a good view of your parts
  • Click on the Move tool from the toolbox
  • Now move your selected parts near the spawning location by dragging the colored arrows in this direction. This will provide your avatar an easy first jump in the obstacle

How to scale and rotate parts

You can create exciting designs for your obby by changing the size and orientation of the parts you selected. This helps in adjusting the difficulty of your obstacle course. In order to scale the parts you will need to perform the following functions:

  • Click on the Scale tool
  • Now select the part of your obby which you want to resize and drag the handles in any direction to adjust the size

In order to rotate the parts:

  • Click on the Rotate tool
  • Drag the handles and rotate them around the axis to change the orientation of your parts

Finalizing your obby

Once you have completed all the above steps, you can finish your obby. Add more jumps to your obby in order to create more fun in your obstacle. Also, create different part types for your obby. This can be done by clicking on the small Arrow button which is present beneath the Part button.

Testing your obby

Once you have finished creating your obby, you can test it to see whether everything is working according to your desires or not. For this purpose, click on the Play button and run a test for your obby design.

Publishing your obby to Roblox

If you are satisfied with your playtest, you can publish your obby to the Roblox website. This provides a safe location to store your obby. It also allows other players to play your game. For publishing:

  1. Click on the File option
  2. Select Publish to Roblox icon to open the publishing menu
  3. Enter a name for your obby
  4. You can also add a description if you want
  5. Now click the Create button to finish

So there you have it, your obby is created and published to Roblox.

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