How to make clothing in Roblox?

Roblox provides you with a creative platform called Roblox Studios where you can customize your avatar and can create clothing items like T-shirts, Pants, Shoes, Hats, etc. these items can be added to your inventory and you can also sell them to earn some Robux rblxland!

Here we are going to discuss how you can operate the Roblox studio and can make clothing in Roblox. You can start off by making a t-shirt as it is the easiest item to create. It covers your avatar’s torso. You can also create full suits like shirts and pants. They will wrap all over your avatar’s body. You can customize your outfits by adding logos and creating designs. There are different templates available on the Roblox site that can facilitate you in creating your clothes in Roblox. You can also make your own template by following these steps

  1. Open the Roblox studio and from there select the Templates for your clothing
  2. You can save these templates to your computers by right-clicking the available images. These can be later used for editing
  3. Select the “ save image as” option to save your templates
  4. There will be a range of outfit options like torso + arms for shirt and torso + legs for pants
  5. Now open your previously saved templates in editing software. There are various free editing programs available on the internet like GIMP or NET where you can edit your Roblox templates
  6. Make sure you select the right size for your templates in accordance to the area which they will cover on your avatar’s body

Uploading your template

After editing your template, you can then upload it to the Roblox site and can add them to your inventory. These items can be later used for your avatar’s attire.  In order to upload the template you will have to follow these steps:

  • After completing your editing, save your template file in an 8-bit alpha channel which provides more transparency.
  • Once you have saved your customized template, go to the create page on Roblox screen
  • Based on your template design, you can select different categories including shirts, t-shirts, jackets, pants, hats etc. All of these options are available in the top left corner of your create page
  • Once you have selected your clothing category, click on the “choose file” option from the main window and from there select your template
  • Now select a name for your template
  • Once you have named your template, click on the “upload” This last step will take some time as the Roblox moderators have to approve your template. Once your template is approved, your item will begin to appear in the Creation Box
  • You can also Sell your created clothes. For this purpose click on the Configure button and select a price for your item


There are certain limitations when it comes to creating Roblox clothes. One of the most important things is to select the right size for your clothing based on the body part it will cover on your avatar. There are certain avatars that do not allow designed clothing. Such characters can only be used with default attires. Moreover, you have to obey the dimensions as suggested by Roblox. If the dimensions are not followed correctly your uploading will fail. For example, the exact dimension of a template for shirt and pant is 585 pixels in width and 559 pixels in length.

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