How to make Roblox thumbnail?

In this article we are going to show you how to make Roblox thumbnails. Thumbnails are basically images that can be used to highlight your game and to make it stand out. Every game can contain maximum 10 thumbnails. Each of these thumbnails can represent an image or video.

Every time a game is published, a default thumbnail is added to it which can be changed later. Thumbnails also help new players to have a brief of the game and to know what the game is offering to them. The first thumbnail is basically a default image which is automatically added to the game.

Roblox allows you to add custom thumbnails to your games for free. You can also add Youtube videos by spending 500 Robux. To add the Youtube video thumbnails on Robux rbxadder, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Download a image or video creator from the internet
  2. Now create your desired image or video
  3. If you have created a video, you will have to upload it to your Youtube account in order to create the thumbnail
  4. On the top of your screen there will be a Create option displayed on the blue bar. Click on it to proceed
  5. Select a place where you want to add your gallery item
  6. Click the gear which is displayed right next to your item
  7. Select the Configure Start Place icon from the menu
  8. Now click Thumbnails which is present on the left column of your page
  9. From the right side of your screen, choose whether you want Image, Video or Auto-generated Image
  10. Click Choose File to upload your image and select the image file from your storage
  11. Now press Open and then press Upload image button to upload your selected image
  12. In order to link a video to the thumbnail, enter the URL of the related video in the vacant box and clock the blue Add Video icon to proceed
  13. A pop up box will appear on your screen for confirming your thumbnail selection. Purchase the thumbnail by pressing the green coloured Buy Now button
  14. Remember that the Auto-Generated Image is free to use and always displays a preview of your image before finalization. You can select this image by pressing the blue Set Thumbnail button

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