How to make teleporter in Roblox?

Creativity has no limits when it comes to online games these days. Roblox also provides users a vast area of creativity in the shape of Roblox Studios which allows you to create and modify different in-game props and items. This helps in making the overall gaming experience more interesting and also adds a creativity element to the game.

Today we are going to show you the easy steps for making teleporter in Roblox studios. Teleporters are a very interesting feature of this game. There are endless possibilities available for the players. You can make lots of different things like elevators, skyscrapers etc. A lot of people want to know the secret behind making teleporters in Roblox. Well it is quite easy and in this article we are going to highlight the easy steps that you can follow to make your own teleporters in roblox rbxcash.

Step 1

Open the Roblox studio for creating your teleporter

Step 2

Click on the menu bar and from there select the “insert” tab. It will show a list of options and from there select the “tools” and a tool panel will appear on your screens.

Step 3

From the tool panel, scroll through the list and select the bricks option. You can select any brick from the list of templates available on your screens. Once the brick is selected, it will appear in your world viewer.

Step 4

Once your brick start appearing in the world viewer you can edit it. A property panel will be present at the right side of your tools panel. It enables you to change the name of your selected bricks. You can rename your bricks whatever you want from this panel.

Step 5

After naming your brick, click on the brick again. Now select the “insert” tab from the menu bar. This time select the “objects” option from the insert tab. A list of objects will appear on your screen. Select the “script” option from this list and press ok. This action will provide you with a scrip tag for your selected bricks.

Step 6

In this step you are required to select the “insert” tab again. After that click on the “explorer` option and it will show an explorer panel on your screens. Double click on the “script” option appearing below the explorer panel. A text area will start appearing on your screen where you can type a script.

Step 7

Type the following text in the vacant area appearing on your screens:

function onTouch(part) local Toucher = part.Parent:FindFirstChild(“Humanoid”) if Toucher -= nil then Toucher.Torso.CFrame = (“0,0,1”) end end teleporter = script.Parent teleporter.Touched:connect(OnTouch)

Step 8

This is the final step. After entering the above text in the script box, press the explorer tab. This will turn your brick template into a teleporter. You can also change the default coordinates “0,0,1”. This will allow you to select the location that you want the players to be teleported to when they touch your teleporter. The teleporter will have the same name as you named your brick.

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