How to make your own game in Roblox?

Roblox is one of the first virtual online games that allows you to actually create your own game! This provides users a vast area for creativity where you can customize your own maps and can add different objects like hills, terrains, weapons, tress to your game.

Here we are going to show you how to make your own game on Roblox. For this purpose all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Open the Roblox Studio. Roblox Studio is the creative platform created by Roblox that will allow you to make your own Roblox game
  2. From the Roblox Studio, log in to your Roblox Account
  3. Now select the New option from the top left side of your menu
  4. Now click on the Gameplay tab which is present in the top window. It will display pre-set game types for Roblox games. You can use these templates to create your game. You can also make your own game template and this step, however, requires coding knowledge. Therefore it is convenient to select pre-set templates
  5. Now select the template you want from the seven gameplay pre-sets in the Gameplay Once the template is opened, you can edit it by using different tools from Roblox studio
  6. Make sure that you use each tool correctly. In order to adjust the camera angles, right-click and drag the cursor on your screens
  7. Now the basic template for your game is ready. You can now add other objects to your game by following these steps:

How to change the ground appearance

You can also customize the texture of your ground. For this purpose:

  • Click on the Paint tool which is displayed in the editor’s terrain
  • Scroll down to the Material It will display different texture options which you can choose for your ground
  • You can click and drag the mouse to the part of the ground where you want to add the texture.

How to change brush settings

Brush settings allow you to change the sizes and strength of your brushes. You can select between circular or square brushes. The brushes allow you to draw patterns in your game and also customize your ground.

How to add hills and valleys

You can also customize your game by adding various landscapes. This helps in building more realism in your gameplay.

  • For adding a hill, click on the Add option in Roblox studio and from there select Hill
  • Now drag the hill to the area on the map where you want to put it
  • You can also change the texture of your hill to make them more appealing

Now in order to add valley to your game:

  • Select the Erode option and hold the area on the map where you want to create a hole for your valley
  • You can increase the size of this hole by dragging the cursor over it. This even allows you to create textures for your valley

How to adjust the size of your hill

Once you have created a hill for your game, you can also adjust its size and can enlarge it.

For this purpose click on the Grow option and drag the cursor on the hill you want to enlarge. Repeat it until your hill gets to your desired size.

How to smooth the terrains

You can also smooth the rough edges of your terrains from Roblox Studio. This prevents your avatar from sticking to the corners and also adds more appeal to your game. In order to do so, click on the Smooth option and select the areas on the terrain that you want to smooth

How to add objects to your game

Roblox Studio also allows you to add other objects to the game such as weapons, trees, vehicles etc. You can search for the object in the search bar which is located below your tool box. Select any object from the list and drag it to the area on the map where you want to place it. You can also change the orientation of your selected objects by moving your cursor.

How to test your game

After completing the edit procedure, you can finalize your game for publishing. But before that, it is necessary to make a test run as it highlights any flaws in your game which you can edit before publishing. This will give you a view of your created game map form a ground level. To test your game, select the Test option from the Roblox Studio Menu. Once your game is loaded, you will have your avatar displayed on your created game. You can now adjust cameras and can do running tests on your map to see whether your game is working or not. This helps in fixing any discovered errors before publishing the game

Once you have completed your game test, click on the red stop icon. This will stop the testing and you will return back to the Roblox studio rblxland screen.

Publish your game

After running your game test successfully, you can now save your game and can upload it to the Roblox website. For this purpose:

  • Select the Save option from the Roblox Studio menu
  • Enter a name for your file and save it
  • Now click on the Publish to Roblox option in the File menu. This will publish your created game to the Roblox website
  • You can also add details about your game in the description box. Also, make sure that you select a genre for your game
  • Now at the end, click on the Upload button to upload your game to the Roblox website!

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