How to make your Roblox character taller?

Roblox is an imaginative multiplayer online game that allows you to be whatever you want. Not only that, Roblox also helps you in customizing your gaming avatar and to create clothes, badges, shoes, hats for your character.

Roblox provides players complete freedom to customize their characters. You can freely change the attire of your protagonist. It also involves changing the size of your character. Here we are going to show you the ways of making your Roblox character taller.

There is an “avatar” icon present on the Roblox rbxcash webpage. Clicking on that icon will take you to the Avatar customization window. From here you can adjust the size of your character. You have to make sure that your avatar type is switched to R15 as this is necessary to change the scale of your avatar. Just below the avatar section you will find the Scaling option.

Clicking on the scaling option will allow you to adjust your avatar’s height and width. You will be provides with two different scales on your screen for both height and width adjustment. In order to make your character look taller, you have to move the height scale towards the right to reach the desired size.

You can make your character 105% taller that the standard size. This process is quite easy and you just have to drag the cursor towards right to make your Roblox character taller. The games that support R15 characters will enable this scale. The scale will also appear below your avatar’s image so that you can adjust the length accordingly.

There are certain games that do not allow scaling. So in order to determine that your game allows scaling, you have to go to the Develop page and from there on click on the Games menu. Click on the “configure game” icon that will appear in the drop down menu. In the “basic setting” tab you will be provided with two options:

  • Avatar type option
  • Avatar scaling option

Set the avatar type option to R15 and avatar scaling option to player choice in order to proceed. Notice that.

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