How to Sell Stuff on Roblox

Today I have quite an interesting article for you guys and it’s about making money in Roblox by selling items you have created in Roblox. If you are good at something never do it for free and this moto is applied here if you have knack for creating items why not sell it to other people and they can use if for themselves in Roblox. I’ll be discussing all about selling items and what kind of items you can sell and what you can create on Roblox. Let’s Get Started!

Creating Items on Roblox:

First I will be talking about how you can create clothes on Roblox. After creating clothes such as shirts,pants and t-shirts you can sell them on Roblox. You can upload the clothes on Roblox catalog and there people can see your clothes and buy it.

Creating T-Shirt:

Creating a T-shirt is the easiest clothing item to create on Roblox. As you just need an image you like and turn it into a shirt. You can get any image you like that is the size of 128 x 128 pixels and that image is applied to the top of the torso and turned into a t-shirt.

Creating Shirts & Pants:

Now creating shirts and pants is a bit different from creating a t-shirt and it requires a bit more detailing. As the shirts and pants cover the whole avatar that why you will need to take precise measurements but the good thing about that is that you will have a great deal more control over the designs of the clothes and you can be more creative with designing the clothes. If your clothes are more interesting and more attractive than other clothes then you can sell them more easily on Roblox.

Steps to Creating Shirts & Pants:

  • I will provide you with two templates that are given by Roblox that will help you design your clothes with much more ease.
  • Save the images that I have provided below so you can start using them to design your clothes.
  • The template I have uploaded above is for designing the Shirt for your avatar that includes the Torso and Arms of the avatar.
  • This second template is to design the Pants for your avatar and it covers the Torso and Legs of the avatar.
  • After you have saved these templates now you can start making your own clothes with the help of any image editor such as Paint.NET which is free and found in most PCs.
  • Let’s now talk about the size of the image that you will upload to each of the part of the clothing.
  • The largest Square in your design will be for the Front and back of your Avatar’s torso and the image is going to be of 128 x 128 pixels.
  • The second is the tall rectangle that is for the sides of the torso Left and Right. It is also used for the sides if the Arms and Legs. The size of the image is going to 64 x 128 pixels
  • Then there is the Wide Rectangle it is used for the top and the bottom torso of the clothing. The size of this image is going to be 128 x 64 pixels.
  • Last is the small square that is for the top and bottom of your arms and legs and the size of the image is 64 x 64 pixels.

Now when you are dealing with R15 avatars there are some limits with the templates. So keep that in mind.

Uploading Clothes on Roblox

  • After you have made your clothes you will have to upload it now, Go to the Roblox main page and login to your account.
  • Go to the Create page to upload your clothes.
  • Then click on the My Creations option.
  • Then click on the clothing item you want to upload.
  • Click the Choose file option to upload your clothes.
  • Click the Upload option and once it gets approved by the Roblox team it will be added to your creations and the next step is start selling your clothes.

Let’s get into how you can sell clothes on Roblox. Now you need to keep in mind that if you want to sell item on Roblox you will have to be a member of Roblox and you will need to purchase the Roblox membership.

  • After you have uploaded your Shirt,Pants or t-shirt you will have to select the gear option on the right of the item that you have uploaded.
  • Select the Configure option from there select the Sales option.
  • Turn on the option of Item for sale on that page.
  • Then enter the Robux amount that you want to sell the item for.
  • Then Select the Save button.

Notes for Selling:

Now as I have mentioned before that you will need a membership to sell anything on Roblox but you can create as many items as you might like and then when you think you have an item that you can sell then you can get your Roblox membership and start selling.

It is pretty obvious but I will state it anyway that you can’t sell any item for free. You will need to set minimum 5 Robux for any Shirts and Pants. When selling any T-shirt the minimum requirement is 2 Robux.

Whenever you sell anything on Roblux there is a waiting period of 3 business days and after that you get paid in your account. If you want to see the sales that are in pending then you can go to Summary tab of your Transactions pages.

There is another thing that you can sell in Roblox and that is the game access to your Roblox.

Selling Access to your game:

If you have created a game that is so good that people are dying to play then you can assign a fee entrance and make some Robux for your creativity and great idea.

You can earn Robux depending on how good your game is and the range is from 25 Robux to 1000 Robux so you can assess your game and then assign an entrance fee.

You can sell game pass even if you don’t have a membership on Roblux which is quite amazing as you won’t have to spend money on the membership to sell your Game Pass. Now if the player doesn’t like the game and there is something wrong with your game the fee will be refunded to the player. You can also sell Gear of your game and other items.

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