How to stop lag on Roblox?

Lag can be a huge cause of disturbance in any online game. Some of the main reasons for lag are a poor internet connection, low compatibility gaming consoles, or high game graphics. In this article, we are going to discuss how to stop lag on Roblox Bloxland.

One of the main reasons for the lag in Roblox is high graphic settings. The system needs more power to run the game at high graphics. So you can eliminate the lag by reducing your graphic quality from the settings. For this purpose follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Roblox account and start any Roblox game
  • Click on the green Play button to launch your selected game in Roblox player
  • Press the ESC key or click on the button which is represented by three horizontal lines on the upper left corner of your gaming screen, this button will display your menu
  • Now select the Settings tab from the menu. It is indicated by a gear icon
  • From the Settings, select Graphic mode
  • There will be two options on your screens, Manual and Automatic. Setting graphics to Automatic mode will allow the Roblox to adjust them according to your system’s graphic requirements
  • Click on Manual option to set your graphics according to your choice
  • Now lower the graphics by clicking on the “ – “ button from the Graphics Quality You can lower graphic quality by reducing the bars

The lower the graphic of your Roblox game, the more smooth it will run and this prevents lag.

Improve your internet connection

Weak internet connection is also one of the prime reasons for lag. You improve your internet connection by following these steps:

  • As for online games like Roblox, internet connection plays a vital role. If the connection gets weak you will experience lag and slow gameplay. You can, however, improve the connection by Restarting or Rebooting your internet modem
  • You can also improve the internet connection by limiting your internet use whenever you are playing Roblox. For this purpose close all unnecessary internet applications. Turn off the internet connection from your smartphones or other devices so that your game can have complete internet access
  • If you are using a wire for internet connection, you can improve the internet speed by using Ethernet or Optical Fibre These wires helps in increasing your internet speed and also reduce the gaming ping
  • You can also improve your internet speed by updating your modem to the one which provides more speed

Upgrade your computer specs

Your gaming experience varies directly with your computer system compatibility. A strong and advanced gaming computer helps a lot in reducing any sort of lag and also provides you with a high definition gaming experience. You can improve your computer specs by following these steps:

  • First of all the most important thing in gaming is your Graphic card. A good graphic card will ensure distortion-free and smooth gameplay. So if you are experiencing lag and reduced graphic quality in Roblox, you can upgrade your graphic card to prevent lag
  • You can also upgrade your computer processors to the latest technologies which are faster and promotes more high tech gaming experience
  • RAM also plays a vital role in determining the overall performance of your PC. Upgrading to a more powerful and high memory RAM can help prevent lags in Roblox and can make your computer ore fast
  • You can also use SSD and store your Roblox games in it. This will improve our game experience

Delete textures from your window

You can also reduce lag by deleting extra textures from your window. Without these textures, your Roblox game will run smoothly.

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