How to Trade in Roblox

Before I tell you what this guide is about let’s first talk about Roblox and what kind of a game it is. So basically Roblox is a game that has become quite famous and there are number of reasons for that. This platform provides a lot to the players and as loads of features which makes it so interesting. It is basically a 3D world where you can build building and play with as many friends you like. You can play solo and even in Groups if you like.

Theme of Roblox:

Players have so much options to choose from when it comes to building their models and there theme parks and this is the reason why the number of players keep on expanding and it is becoming more and more popular.

Now this game has a trading system and today I’m here to tell you all about this trading system and how you can trade anything in this game.


There are loads of items that are available in Roblox and you can also purchase items in this game but to purchase those items you need to have the currency of Roblox and that currency is called Robux. Now if you are new you might not know how to get Robux and I’m here to answer that question.

The virtual currency of Roblox can be purchased by your Roblox accounts, You can get Robux for free and the only way to get it is paying for it. But if you become a member of Roblox there is going to be an edge over others and that is that you will get a stipend.

Trading Item on Roblox:

You need preparation for everything if you want it to be done right and just like that you will need to prepare before you start trading your items in Roblox. So let’s just skim through some of the things you need to keep in mind or do to start trading.

Joining the Builder’s Club:

Now this is an important part and you have to do it before you start trading. If you don’t know what builder’s club is then listen up because I’ll be telling you all about it.

Builder’s club is a premium membership which is only granted to some people who are quite privileged and they get some extra features compared to the non-Builder’s Club Roblox members. So you will need to get the membership so you can join the Builder’s Club and get to trading. Now you will have to pay a fee for the membership which ranges from $5.96 to $100 and you can choose the membership that is feasible for you so you can join the Builder’s Club. So after getting into the Builder’s Club now let’s get into the next step.

Narrowing down theTrading items:

Now after that you have joined the Builder’s club now you need to narrow down or choose the items that you want to trade for better stuff. Now make sure that you only trade the item that you don’t like because you will regret trading the item that you got after a lot of hard work and you won’t be able to get it back.

Another thing that you should keep in the mind is that you should really think hard before you trade a rare and exclusive item because you might trade it for something that wasn’t worth it and you will feel like you made a bad decision after trading that item. But if you are on the other end and want an item from another player and that item is very exclusive then you can add Robux to the deal and that might help you getting that item.

Setting Trading accessibility:

Before trading you will have to modify the settings so you can trade the item. To enable the trading option go to your Roblox profile and then go to your account settings. There you need to search for the Trade Accessibility option and when you find it you can enable the trading option and then start trading.

Start Trading With friends:

This is pretty obvious that you will need to search the person who you want to trade with and to do so go and type the username of that person on the Roblox homepage. When you have written the username of that person simply go to their profile and then to start trading you need to select the Trade items option. Now before clicking the oprion you should check their inventory to see if they have that item or not and if they do you can begin your trading.

Steps To Trading in Roblox:

  • Now let’s start trading the first step is to go to the Roblox page and sign in if you aren’t signed in to your account. Make sure that you followed the steps above and if you have your trading accessibility option will be enabled.
  • Now you need to find a member of the Builder’s Club because you can only trade with the Builder Club’s member, when you have found your trading partner then set the parameters that you want from that trade.
  • After that you should go to the trade browser and then enter the username of the person that you want to trade an item with. Visit their profile and there look for Send Message option and next to that you will see an Option of More which will give you a drop down menu. From that menu choose Trade items and then click on that, this will redirect you to a Trade Browser Window.
  • When you are in the trade window you will see all the items you have in your inventory and from there you can choose whatever item you think is best to offer as a trade, you can select an item to trade and if you think that won’t be enough then you can add Robux.Just make sure that the thing you are trading is good enough so you can get the item you are trading for. But do keep in mind that if the deal gets accepted there will be a cut of 30% from your account as the transaction fee.
  • Now that you are sure that your deal is final the last step is to click on the submit option and you will be done and the person you are trading with is going to get a private message on their account.

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