How to Transfer Robux to Others

Hey fellow Roblux player today I have quite an interesting guide for you as you can see from the title we will be talking about Robux. Now if you are one of the players who are new to this game and they are looking for a guide to know about Robux and its transfer than you have come to the right place. I will tell you all about Robux and donating it to other players.


Let’s first get to know all there is to know about Robux and then get into other details. As every world has some currency this virtual world also has an in game currency and it is called Robux. So basically if you want to buy anything in Roblox you will need Robux but you can’t earn Robux in Roblox you will have to purchase them and there are multiple ways of doing so. There are gift cards that are sold on Amazon which offer Robux and those cards range from few hundred Robux to thousand Robux you should check them out to get robux in Roblox. You can also use your credit card in Roblox to buy as many Robux as you might like

Transferring Robux:

Now the thing about Robux is that you can’t send it to other accounts directly but there is an alternative that you can do. You can buy their stuff and spend your Robux on that and henceforth donate them Robux. But for this you will have to make sure that they have clothing on sale so you can buy it and donate your Robux. But the only people who can sell products on Roblox are the ones who have Roblux membership.

To buy any item from a friend login to your roblox account. Ask your friend the items that they are selling so you can purchase. Note down the name of the item so you can easily search it when you start purchasing.

To begin donating login to your Roblox account and then go to the catalog window of the Roblox. Then click on the “For Sale” option to view all the items available for sale. Find the item that your friend is selling and buy it with your Robux and the money will be donated to your friend’s account.

If your friend doesn’t have a Roblox membership then you can choose the option of Trade Currency option. Go to the Currency Exchange option from your Roblox Page you will get the information listing of every player that are looking to trade currency or a ticket. So you can trade a ticket with your friend and donate them the Robux. I hope you can now donate the Robux you were looking for. Have Fun!

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