How to transfer Robux?

Roblox is an online game that features interactions between players from all over the world. Like any online game, Roblox also have an in-game currency called Robux that helps in making transactions in the game. You can create gaming attires and props and can sell them online to earn Robux. These Robux can be later used for making different Roblox functions like creating a group or getting a Roblox subscription.

Now you can also share your Robux with other layers. You can create a group and can transfer robux to your friends in the group. There are also other ways of transferring Roblox rbxoffers currency. Here we are going to highlight the easy steps that will allow you to transfer Robux from one account to the other:

  • First of all open the Roblox Studio
  • Log in to the account from where you wish to transfer the Roblox
  • Now go to the File menu and from there click on Save As and enter a name for your file to save it
  • Now log out of your account
  • Again log in to the account but this time use the account into which you want to transfer the previously selected Roblox
  • Go to the file, select Open and after that choose a Place
  • In the Place tab, go to the file and click Publish to Roblox
  • Select the Roblox that you want to receive
  • Enter in the amount of Roblox and select Finish

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