How to use emotes in Roblox?

Emotes are a very cool feature in Roblox. It facilitates different motions and movements for your Roblox avatar. This helps to create more interest and excitement for your Roblox gameplay. There are different emotes in Roblox for varied motions like dancing, sitting, cheering, laughing, etc. These emote are exciting to watch and adds more realism to the Roblox gameplay Bloxawards.

Make sure that it is necessary to press the slash key before every command in order to enable the perfect motion. You just have to enter the emote for your corresponding motion in the messages bar to make your character do certain movements like dancing. After typing these commands, press the enter key and your Roblox character will perform the corresponding emote.

It is interesting of interacting with your friends and also adds more flare to your chatbox. These emotes are easy to use and you just have to follow the above steps

Here we are going to show you some popular emotes from Roblox:

  1. Wave: /e wave
  2. Point: /e point
  3. Cheer: /e cheer
  4. Laugh: /e laugh
  5. For dancing: /e dance, /e dance2, /e dance
  6. Sit: /e sit

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